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Polaris 8/22/2014 4:46 PM
i may change it i think about it
Polaris 8/22/2014 4:46 PM
Leslie Marie 8/22/2014 12:33 AM
Leslie Marie 8/22/2014 12:32 AM
We can dye it back green during the cristmas season and you can wear a red outfit to celebrate the christmas spirit.
Leslie Marie 8/22/2014 12:31 AM
Nah the green has to go
Polaris 8/19/2014 9:48 PM
Princess Flame / Aeri Marie 8/17/2014 11:29 PM
Ill bring the Dye Leslie. *grins*
Polaris 8/17/2014 8:46 PM
You trying to die aint you
Leslie Marie 8/15/2014 12:29 AM
Im sre you do monica which is why Im going to coler it bruneet while your sleep.
Polaris 8/8/2014 1:49 AM
I like my green hair -giggels-
Princess Flame / Aeri Marie 11/28/2013 4:53 PM
We ARe Seph thank you Why dt you join us? your not on usually when I get on.
Persephone 11/21/2013 1:31 PM
I hope you are all well, miss you loads
Princess Flame / Aeri Marie 11/10/2013 6:18 PM
Hi Seph! Nice to hear you back.
Persephone 11/9/2013 10:09 PM
I want to say Hi to everyone, I havent talked to any of yous in quite awhile
Xavier 11/6/2013 11:02 AM
To all members of the Freedom Phalanx, both past and present, I have just made a $100 donation in our guilds name to the St. Jude's Childrens Research Hospital.
Leslie Marie 10/1/2013 5:42 PM
Ok many of you are probably wandering whats going on why have some of the key members left for the DCUO game. I will be speaking for myself as I will not put words into the mouth's of others. The posting will be in the Forums.
Leslie Marie 10/1/2013 5:40 PM
There are no info sections to display or you do not have sufficient rights to view them.
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Aeriola, Sep 4, 14 12:08 AM.
The Freedom Phalanx is not recruiting.  Site is going to be undergoing construction changes.

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